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Travel fills our lives with experiences that enriches our soul. It adds a new chapter, to your ‘Book of Life’. In-fact! Every journey we embark on, helps us evolve and grow.

During our travels, we learn of stories and folklore from natives of the land. We learn of their culture as much from them, as we do from their environment and the nature that surrounds them. Many a times, we may be rewarded with answers to the deepest of questions in life during these voyages.


Travel helps us connect with ourselves and gives us a purpose in life. Madcap Odyssey is for that inspired traveler, who has a thirst for life. So, if travel is what motivates you, Go for it!

With this as our inspiration, we have set out to pursue our passion for travelling and connecting with people of our kind, across the globe. We believe, we can create a community of travelers who are eager to explore life, the “Madcap Odyssey style”!

We have spent our lives growing up in big cities, leading automated lives, not knowing where we were headed until, the inception of Madcap Odyssey. It’s what keeps us going through the challenges of life.

For the ones who want to live life in every moment, we are happy to have you!

Bon Voyage !



Priyam Guha

Life is not what you want it to be, but what you make of it every single day! She pens down her experiences gained through travelling and meeting new people. She believes that, “Life is not always perfect but we can make every moment worth living.” Quit her regular job in Learning and Development to devote her time to her passion, Travel! She is also a certified Life Skills Coach and Speaker. Committed to building the life she wants to lead.

Prashant Malik

A lawyer by profession, with a passion for travel and photography. He loves to drive and dance to Indie music. His mantra is,” We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are”. He believes, everything begins with a decision, that you must live by for the rest of your life. Madcap Odyssey is his way of connecting with the world and creating a clan of like-minded, free spirited and responsible travelers.

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