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There are some places in the India that are special, and Odisha (Orissa) tourism is definitely one of them. Filled with exquisite temples and extraordinary monuments, home to many thousands of prolific artists and craftsmen; and possessing beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and natural landscape of often-enchanting beauty,Odisha (Orissa) tourism is a unique and fascinating land that is, nevertheless, still largely undiscovered by tourists.


Health Precautions

  • To save yourself from the mosquitoes, keep your arms and legs covered. Make sure to carry a mosquito repellant along with you.

  • Diarrhea is a very common problem, especially in tourists. To prevent its occurrence, drink bottled water and avoid eating raw or uncooked food.

  • In India, the sunrays are very harsh. To prevent sunburns, always carry a strong sunscreen with you.

  • Avoid drinking un-pasteurized milk or any product made from it.

  • Avoid buying any kind of eatables from roadside vends.

Safety Tips

  • Don't venture out after dark, especially if you are a woman and alone.

  • Don't rely too much on the auto-rickshaw or taxi driver. It is better to have a slight idea about the place you are traveling to.

  • Don't have eatables offered by strangers in buses or trains. It is better not to refuse them directly, as they may feel offended. You can take it from them and keep it with yourself, saying you will have it later.

  • Don't take out too much cash or valuable items in front of anyone

  • Always lock the necessary documents, like passport, return tickets, etc, in the locker provided by your hotel or in your suitcase. Never keep them in the handbag you are carrying.

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