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Road trip to Ladakh is a counted amongst the most favourite and best adventerous trip. Road to Ladhakh leads to you to the Highest Motorable Road in the World which is the best part of this trip. This trip is not about destination but road. Be prepared for your best adventerous trip you will ever have in your lfetime.


Places Covered: The explorer itinerary covers Manali, Rhotang, Keylong, Jispa, Zingzingbar, Barachala, Sarchu, Pang, More Plains, Tangala, Upshi, Karu, Leh Town, Zanskar, Chang La, Dubruk, Tangste, Pangong Tso, Khardung La, Pullu, Nubra Valley, Diskit, Hunder & more.

Himalayan Motorbike Expedition

₹38,999.00 Regular Price
₹29,999.00Sale Price
  • Question 1- Damage to Bike, Insurance and Payable amount.(Important)

    a) The bikes are insured.In case of minute damage to the bike(restricted to categories identified by the us) no damage will be borne by you and we will take the damage upon them in good faith.The list of categories of damage will be handed over to you in Manali.

    b) In case the bike is damaged to such an extent that it becomes expensive to repair the bike.The expenses of the repairs will have to be transferred to you and the you will have to pay the amount to settle the damage.

    c) In case the Bike becomes totally non repairable, which means the bike has suffered huge damage and not in a state to recovered to use it further, the amount discussed upon further discussion with the insurance companies have to be borne by you.


    Question 2- Accommodation


    All accommodation throughout the trip will be on twin sharing basis.

    Question 3- What happens if I get sick or injured during the expedition ?


    We take all possible precautions to proactively ensure the safety and wellness of our rider, but rest assured that our guides are trained and experienced in dealing with emergencies. Each guide is trained in first aid. In the case of altitude sickness, you will immediately be taken to a lower altitude. If necessary, your guide will rescue you to the nearest Sattelite town.

    Question 4 - Labour Cost and Repair


    For any Repair during the expedition no Labour cost will be charged and you will bear the cost to cost of the spare part that is being repaired or replaced.In case the bike is not repairable you will be handed over a certain bike so that your journey don't end midway and you ride until your bike gets repaired.

    Question 5 - How do Foreign Nationals Make Payment 

    Prices, Inclusions and Exclusions are different for Foreign and Indian Nationals.Please read the Inclusion and Exclusion thoroughly before making the payment 
    All Payment solution is available securely by Net banking, International Debit and Credit Cards and Pay pal. 

    Question 6 - Bikes Available

    Type 1: 350 CC Royal Enfield Classic 
    Type 2: 350 CC Royal Enfield Electra 
    Type 3: 350 CC Royal Enfield Standard 

    Question 7- What physical criteria will ensure I'm fit enough to Do the Expedition?

    Good overall fitness, flexibility, and healthy will ensure you complete the expedtition safely and comfortably. Those with acute or chronic health conditions impacting their stamina, range of motion, coordination, or balance may have difficulty completing the expedition. If you are in doubt about your own physical readiness, consult a physician well in advance of booking your trip! 

    Question 7- What do I need to know about sun protection?

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but your skin is in more danger of sun damage on the mountains than while at the beach! The sun's intensity increases dramatically as we rise in altitude, and fresh snow reflects exponentially more UV rays than does the sand. You will need to protect your skin with clothing and sunblock. A sunblock specifically for mountain conditions is recommended. If you wear prescription eyeglasses its recommend that you get your prescription fitted to sunglasses.

    Question 8- Speed


    The speed limit depends on the regions you cross during your overland mountain expedition.You will be handed over the speed chart and the guidelines once you step in Manali.

    Question 9-Are solo female travelers safe on Himalayan Expeditions? 

    Madcap Odyssey ensure the travel safety of all guests, both male and female. Indian himalayas, on the whole, is both very safe and welcoming of foreign visitors. We have longstanding, strong relationships with the lodges we frequent, and know them to be safe and reliable. In addition our guides are consistently mindful of all guests' whereabouts while travelling. We travel in small groups, all the better to easily maintain continual contact.

    Question 10-What communication options exist while Expedition? 

    It varies. Mobile coverage is expanding around the world rapidly, and the Himalayas are no different… did you know that 3G coverage is available all over Mount Everest? There is no guarantee of uninterrupted coverage.

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