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Things to Keep in Mind for Solo Women Travellers

We girls love to explore and experience the world and we like it our way !

So lets go out there under the blue skies and fill our hearts with the music of the nature.

Let the starry night light up our soul and wind give us wings to dream.

Bon Voyage!

But before you go out there you gotta read this :

Here goes the word of caution for our pretty ladies out there who are about to set sail…

Be Super Cautious of your Surroundings People and things

It is always better safe then sorry. Being aware of your surroundings always help us to have an upper hand over every situation and we will have control over things and avoid un-pleasantness.

Do not reveal your Tour Details to a Stranger

When you travel to different places, you meet new people and get to hear their stories. But do not share details about your travel plans. Personal details like hotel name room number and financial details should never be shared or stored in a place easily accessible.

Do not accept any favor

Be cautious when being offered any help from a stranger if you sense something is wrong, simply refuse them. When you travel alone, your responsibility towards yourself becomes the priority.

If you wish to share transport use the public transport do not accept offers from random people

Suppose you are in the new city and taxi fares are too costly. You like it when someone asks to give you a lift. Never sit on a stranger’s car in a new city. If you like to share the transportation to save money, use public transportation. Trusting on new people can get you into trouble.

While partying never accept food or beverages offered to you by strangers.

You are a solo traveler, better and smart than many people. When you are partying, always get your own food beverages, do not eat or drink if a stranger offers to get it for you.

Keep your belongings safe and also keep colored Photocopies of Important Docs.

Make photocopies of the travel documents and keep it in differ places in your luggage so you always have a back up and also have soft copies. Loosing your travel documents and passport can be a nightmare.

Travel Light you will experience the benefits during the travel.

You are on a trip, so do not carry your house along with you, it is you who has to carry the bags all around, carry the essentials and plan before you pack use your discretion in selecting what goes into the bag. When you are travelling, just get the things which is necessary in your bags which results in a lighter backpack. Light Backpack can make your journey easy and pleasant.

Do not share your id proofs with anyone

Whenever someone asks to show you a Id Proof who is not a policeman or a government official, never do that. People can misuse your id proof to harm someone else with your name. So, Avoid sharing your identity proofs with random people, it can be misused.

Dress Appropriately as the Place.

We need to understand every place has their own culture and dressing sense. Travelers must dress appropriately not to make a awkward situation with the local people. People get comfortable and desire to talk to the people who try to dress like them. Local people like to tell their stories to the travelers. So, to win their heart, we need to dress appropriate.




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