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8 Reasons why North East India should be on your bucket list

Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura are named as seven sisters in India. Combining of these seven sisters make one beautiful part of India which is still unexplored by many people. There are the 8 reasons why North East India should be on your Travel bucket list.
  • North East India is still unexplored and very untouristy.

North East India is still unexplored by the people and it offers you the untouched beauty of nature. North East India offers you the stunning and unexploited beauty of nature. If you are the person who loves nature and has not habit of exploiting it, North East India is a place for you.

  • Experience Tibetan culture.

North East India is home of Tibetan Culture. Some of the parts of Arunachal Pradesh used to be the part of Tibet, there is still a taste of beautiful and colorful culture and religion in the Buddhist Monasteries. Peaceful Monasteries, taste of Thukpa and Momos are the best thing to experience of Tibetan Culture in north East India.

  • Experience a totally different and hassle free side to India.

North East India is totally different from the part of India. It is less crowdy and hassle free, life is very slow and peaceful here. Meghalaya is one of the beautiful travel destinations in India, it has living root bridges, Boating Experience in clear and crystal water and has the cleanest Village in Asia, Mawlynnong. People are not aware about these destinations and makes the North East India hassle free side of India.

  • Spot rare wildlife.

The nature is not exploited in North East India which makes the home for many rare wildlife. There are many species of bird and animals that can be find in North East India and nowhere else. North East India has many wildlife sanctuaries and is a heaven for many endangered species. Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is one of them.

  • Try delicious Tibetan food and usual local delicacies.

Tibetan food is a must try if you are traveling to North East India. The Momos and Thukpa you will have in North East India will have a different taste than what you have in Metropolitan Cities or places other than North East India, there are other local foods you can try but you have to be very open with your food habits. Foods like Barbequed Rat in Arunachal Pradesh, Worms and Spiders in Nagaland or even dog in Mizoram. There is not to worry about anything, Chinese and typical North Indian food is also available there.

  • Take part in Colorful and Unique Festivals.

There are many festivals organised in North East India which has the vibrant colors, dances, music and rituals and shows their culture. One of the famous festivals in India, Hornbill Festivals held in Nagaland in December, attend the Torgya and Losar Festival in Tawang in Jan-Feb to witness masked Tibetan Buddhist dances or the Ambubachi Mela in June in Guwahati to experience tantric rituals and even animal sacrifices.

  • Stunning Scenery and Untouched Nature.

North East India provides you the Scenic beauty of Himalayas and Untouched Nature. North East Indian States are very strict about protecting the nature and maintaining it. For Arunachal Pradesh, every tourist and traveler needs to take permission to enter the state for the limited time and no one is allowed to buy the property or do business there. Meghalaya is the only state who has living roots ad maintaining it since ages. Sikkim is famous for the Gurudongmar Lake and Silk Route Road.

  • Meet unique Tribal People and experience their fascinating way of life.

The best part about North East India is you get to meet tribal people and get a chance to learn about their culture and their way of living. Intriguing opium smoking, head hunter tribes in Nagaland and the facially tattooed, sun and moon worshiping Apatani tribe in Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh. Sometimes it feels hard to believe that these tribal people exist so authentically in this modern age and it’s a fascinating experience to meet them and find out about their way of life that is so very different from ours.



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