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Let's share a Story - "BIRDS- Learning to Fly"

It's so wonderful to close eyes and imagine birds flying in the blue sky over the mountains and disappearing into the clouds. Thinking of birds the words that come to our mind are Freedom and Peace.

What is the secret desire of our heart? Of course "Freedom".

Let's share a Story!!

They had just learnt to flap their wings and just about managed to move from one branch to another, thought to themselves.. "Oh we know to fly and can go to our favorite spot to watch the sunrise." Both teamed up and decided to start early next morning, as decided the two birds met up and started their journey to the place which gives the best view of the rising sun.

As they kept flapping their wings, they realize it's not as easy as they thought it would be, they started to feel tired and were insecure and felt direction less. They knew where they wanted to go but didn't know how. Stopped by a tree to replenish their energy and boost their morale.

Under the tree there was a sage meditating. The birds were curious to know what was the old man doing, as they decided to spend a few days there they kept an eye what was happening under the tree. Through rain and scorching sun the old man kept still and was not moved by anything. The birds flew down to have a close look at the man. They found his face looked so calm and was exuberating a glow.

A thought struck the birds that if one is determined and believes that he can achieve what his heart tells him to do, he will surely achieve it only if he is not distracted. Even when the path looks unconquerable. The next morning they resumed with a fresh zeal and a new set of believes in their heart.

"It might seem difficult now, the roads may look untrod-den, road blocks can look like end to everything but a bird who has learned to fly can soar high above every obstruction. pause if needed but never cease the journey to the place of their dreams which is worth dying for !!"



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