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5 Ways Visiting Bhutan Can Be Cheaper Than Travelling Across India!!

This landlocked country in South Asia is nestled in the eastern end of the Himalaya mountains bordered by India in the south, east and west and by China in the north. Bhutan is the most happiest country in the World. Bhutan is the only Carbon Negative country which makes it one of the most beautiful country.

  • Walk along the Paro Chhu

Meaning of "Chhu" in Bhutanese Language is River. So the Paro Chhu is translated to Paro River. Paro Chhu is a small and beautiful little town alongside river with colourful shops and eateries built in classic Bhutanese architecture. Paro is for all those lovers of Nature and Space.

  • Visit an archery range

Archery is the National Sport of Bhutan. Archery is been the most famous and favorite among Bhutanese people. The popularity of Archery can be measured as it has become one of the main tourist attraction to travel in Bhutan. There are many institutions of Archery Range everywhere in Bhutan that tourist will not find difficult to find and try some hands on this sport.

  • Witness the Centre of Buddhism "THIMPU"

The Capital of Bhutan, Thimpu is the Centre of Buddhism Religion. Thimpu is a small little town and famous for their delicacies. The people of Thimpu are kind hearted, friendly and great host for tourists. There are so many Buddhism Monasteries for tourists attractions which makes you enjoy every moment.

  • Live in Haa Valley

Adjoining the districts of Paro, Chhukha and Samtse, Haa valley is one of the most picturesque places in the Country. The Haa valley is culturally rich valley and some of famous sites in this region are 7th century Lhakhang Karpo (White temple) and Lhakhang Nagpo (Black temple) at the foothills of a venerated three brotherly mountains known as Meri Puensum. The grand annual Haa Tshechu is also performed here at Lhakhang Karpo on the 8th-10th day of the 8th Bhutanese month.

  • Learn the Bhutan Culture at their National Library

National Library is located at Kawajangtsa area of Thimphu and has everything you need to read and learn about Buddhist Culture and Bhutan History. The Library is a part of Fork Heritage Museum and it's a treasure for the book lovers. People in Thimpu can also help you out with the Knowledge of their National Culture.



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