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When some one hears the word “Goa”, three things comes in mind “Beer, Party, and Beaches”. But Goa has a lot more to offer for every tourists and travelers who choose goa for their next holiday destination.

  • Get a Black Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo is the temporary art done by the locals from the tribal villages in Goa. You can find these people on the beaches or in the flea markets. Henna is the best thing to do if you like the tattooed people. The best part of the henna tattoo is you can remove in couple of days after your vacation.

  • Visit Old Goa

Old Goa has the charm of slow life and Old Portuguese houses can make you fell in love with the place. Old Goa is famous for churches, villages and the way of living. You can try for home stays also. Goan people are friendly with everyone who ask for stay or food. Old Goa has St. Francis of Assisi Church who is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Once More church named as Church of Lady Mount which is unaware from the lots of people but easy to reach from the city.

  • Go on a Cruise

Goa Vacation without the trip to Cruise is not complete. Cruising on the Mandovi River at the time of Sunset or Night is a beautiful sight to watch. Cruises also show the old Goan Tribal Dance by the professionals on every trip. Watching a sunset at the place where Mandovi River connects with sea is a delight to watch.

  • Celebrate Christmas in Goa

At the time of Christmas and New Year, Goa is a different place itself. Whole goa lights up like a Bulb at the time of Christmas Week. People are partying everywhere, every lane has dozens of lanterns and carols can be heard in every nook and cranny of the state. Non-Christians also participate in the celebrations make it a happy state.

  • Wednesday Anjuna Flea Market

Flea Market is must do things in if you are planning a vacation between Septembers to March. Market starts from 8 P.M. and runs till late night. Market has a lot more to offer in its more than 500 stalls. It attracts Indian travelers as well as foreign tourists. But do not forget to bargain before buying anything from the market. Anjuna has stalls of antiques, accessories, garments and many more which makes it one of the most famous place in Goa.

  • Saturday Night Market "Arpora"

Saturday Night has shop for everything from spices, teas, and homemade knick-knacks to handicrafts, leather products and designer jewelry. Arpora Market usually opens at the On-Season time from October to April (4 p.m. – 11 p.m.). There are also plenty of options to eat and drink and some live music on offer as well.

  • Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is one of the famous things to do in Goa, but they are only see at the time between October to May. Dolphin can be sighted in the Mandovi River, Panaji which is easily accessible by the Cruises. Dolphin usually sighted in the early mornings.

  • Indulge in Water Sports

Goa has endless beaches and they are full of water sports in On-Season time. From surfing to jet skiing to parasailing, Water Sports are for those who has a sense of Adventures. There are lot of opportunities which you can try almost on every beach.

  • Party

If we are talking about goa and we do not talk about parties that makes a non-sense talks. Parties are everywhere in Goa, One needs to look for which on to go for. There are lots pf shacks which doesn’t even have entry fees and have free beers served. Only one thing people can think about is enjoying electronic music and grooving over that.

  • Rent a Bike/Car to Cruise

There are so many things to in Goa that you cannot wait to get the bus or taxi to go for different places in a day. Goa is also famous for renting a bike or cars to make it easy for people to travel different places. There are so many rentals in Goa that one can also book their vehicle from Railway Station or Airport also.

Markets In Goa

  • Anjuna Flea Market (every Wednesday)

  • Arpora Night Flea Market

  • Mapusa Market (every Friday)

A small selection of the best beaches:


  • Mandrem

  • Arambol

  • Morjim

  • Ashwem


  • Cavelossim

  • Palolem

  • Utorda



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