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7 Basic Tips You should Follow for your First Trek!!

Be a Responsible Trekker.

The Thrill of getting ready for your first trek experience and finally reaching your first destination is a joy beyond words. But if you are ready for your first trek you should follow the basics avoiding any injuries or loss.

  • Follow Instruction while Trekking with Groups

When you are trekking with groups, you get a trek leader who reads instructions at the base before starting. You just don't have to listen the instruction but also follow it too. One simple mistake can cause injury to not only you but the person in front or behind you.

  • Buy a Good Trekking Shoes

This is the basic investment before taking your first adventure. You must buy a good pair of shoes with great grip and which you can rely upon. Good shoes help you to trek easily in difficult terrain.

  • Be a Responsible Traveler

Travelers are not only known for the journeys they have covered, they are also known for their responsible nature towards the place they travel. Travelers doesn't doesn't mark their territory and treat themselves like a visitor. They do not throw plastics and destroy flora and fauna like wild animals.

  • Wear Appropriate Clothes

Try to buy trekking gears which suites the weather of a trekking point you plan to visit. You need to plan and surf on the net to understand the requirement of clothing you need before you leave for your trek. Irrelevant clothing can cause you serious injuries to your health.

  • Make a Check List

You need to make a check list before you start your journey. Planning is very necessary for treks. You need to check things like a torch, extra pair of batteries, sticky tape, sewing kit, glue, medicines, first-aid kit, toiletries, rain coat, food and water, among many others. These things will help you prepare for hard situations.

  • Choose your Equipment Wisely

You need to check your equipment wisely before you start your trek. Equipment are really necessary when you hike upwards because it supports and makes it easy for you to reach the top.

  • Health Test is Necessary

You need to do a Health Check up before you take mountains on roll. You need to be fit enough to trek the trails easily which doesn't effect you body. Even the trekking groups ask for your health certificates before you enroll for the adventure treks. It helps you to avoid any domino effect and cause serious injuries.

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