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5 Surreal Locations in India Straight Out of Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones fever is everywhere and hitting us hard after an impatient and what seemed like unending wait. We found the substitute of castles and forts which we see in Game of thrones and believe me it's in India. Check Out!!

  • Key Monastery in a vast expanse of Spiti valley- Winterfell

In winters, Key Gompa gives you the true feeling of Winterfell because it is hardly visible because of snowfall. Key Gompa is situated on the north side of Himachal Pradesh and can be the perfect substitute of Winterfell.

  • The Forts of Maharashtra- Casterly Rock

Majestically built and cliff-perched forts in Maharastra gives a feel of Casterly Rock. True Fans of game of thrones can resemble the Pratapgarh fort or the sea fort of Murud Janjira with the casterly rock because both are built on the sea shore and have a same beautiful ocean view.

  • The Sands and Forts of Rajasthan- Qarth

The shifting sand dunes of Jaisalmer are not a far cry from the dry, arid landscape of the vast desert, ‘Red Waste’, that surrounds Qarth. Like Rajasthani forts and the royal architecture, Qarth too boasts of some impressive buildings that stake its claim as ‘the greatest city that ever was or will be. Cover the breathtaking forts of Rajasthan by foot and relive Khaleesi’s journey!

  • The mountainous roads of Sikkim- Way to the Eyrie

Do the treacherous and serpentine paths around Sikkim with greenery and mesmerizing scenery remind you of a way to a certain castle in Game of Thrones? If you look closely, you might discover an eerie similarity between them and the path taken to the Eyrie- the castle with the moon door which was Lysa Arryn's stronghold. Like some places in Northeast, the Eyrie is difficult to access and offers absolutely breathtaking views.

  • The lakes, castles and greenery of Udaipur- Dorne

A magnificent royal city punctuated with beautiful lakes, gorgeous gardens and impressive castles- if we asked you about the presence of such a place in Game of Thrones, chances are high your answer would be Dorne. Well, the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan seems plucked straight out of Game of Thrones. The similarities don’t end here- both are arid regions known for having strong armies!




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