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Mumbai to Goa on foot- Woman you rock!!

She trained herself for 6 months before she took up this enormous project which she has proudly named as “The Audacious Project”.

Let us meet Aanchal Dhara, a wedding photographer by profession who had set out on her dream journey and accomplished it in just 26 days.She along with her husband and a photographer set out with a support car. During these days she had set a schedule which involved starting her day at 6 AM every morning and walking for 7 kms at a stretch and then rest for 15 mins in the support car massage her feet and set out again for the next 7 kms,this was continued till 6 – 7 in the evening.On reaching her hotel she used to thoroughly massage her feet and catch up on good sleep to wake up refreshed for the next day. This challenging pattern of travel continued for 26 days.

Aanchal considers this as a life changing experience… and Why not? Only the determined and strong can take up a project as challenging as this.She also added by saying being a women and walking all along and all the way was not a bad experience, she did met a lot of interesting people from local villagers who offered them help to friendly truck drivers who shared their life stories with her.

This must have been a trip that must have tested her patience, strength and character.She took this journey on her own she had nothing to prove to anyone except her.We are all on a journey in our lives and as we say “your vibe attracts your tribe “today we are all proud of her and her FEAT..

Keep the fire burning my friend !

Image Sources: The Audacious Project

This is sure to amaze you. This is a story of a girl who walked for 583 Km to reach her destination Goa. Experiencing a slack jaw, can’t blame you ..



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