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Chitkul - Last Village on India-Tibet Border

Chitkul is a small beautiful village on the banks of Baspa River in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh, located at the height of 3500 metre from the sea level and known as last inhabited village on Indian-Tibet Border. The village has typical Himachali architectural cottages of slate or wooden roofs but now local people are accepting tins also. This village is mostly covered in snow through out the year and makes it a favourite destination among travellers. Chitkul has three temples dedicated to Mathi Devi, the oldest which is said to be about 500 years old. The weather of Chitkul in winters become extreme cold and windy and the road normally closed during the month of November. Chitkul is also famous for the potato farming which are known as the best in the world and they are very costly.

How to Reach

Chitkul is around 570 Kms from Delhi and 30 Kms from Sangla. There are no railway stations and Airport closest to this place. the only way to reach here is by road. There are buses which starts from Delhi by 10:00 P.M. at night and reaches Sangla at around 5 P.M. next day. There are HRTC buses from Sangla to Chitkul on regular interval. Those buses will back to Sangla after 30 Minutes halt at Chitkul. Last bus from Sangla to Chitkul is around 5:30P.M. and Chitkul to Sangla is around 4:00 PM. Same bus goes to Chandigarh directly.

Best Time To Visit

May, June, July, September, October, November are the best months to visit and experience the nature at its best. You may face extreme harsh conditions in the other months.

Tourist Attractions

  • Baspa River

Baspa is a tributary to Sutlej river. The Baspa River rises near the Indo-Tibetan border and is fed by perennial glaciers. It forms the Baspa Valley or the Sangla Valley - one of the most scenic in Himalayas. Angling enthusiasts can get to do Trout fishing here. Brown and Rainbow Trouts are found here in plenty.

  • Kamru Fort

Kamrup Fort which was made by the ancestors of the present CM Shri Veer Bhadra Singh was in charge of 7 neighbouring villages in Sangla. Only the local villagers can enter the Fort Inner Quarter or Garbha Griha. On the top of the Fort there are windows which was used by the guards to keep a vigil on any sudden attacker. They are now making a replica of the fort for the common public to experience the real fort.

  • Kagyupa Temple

Kagyupa Temple at Chitkul offers a beautiful, ancient idol of Shakyamuni Buddha. The carvings of four kings in four different directions on the doors are worth admiring. The Kagyu or Kagyupa is one of six main schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

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