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Why You Should Avoid Popular Destinations on Holiday Long Weekend!

Long Weekend is Coming. Many people are gearing up for the holidays, looking for destinations and surfing on internet about do's and don'ts. But this time you need to act smart and avoid popular holiday destinations which can make your memories horrible. These are some of the reasons which can help you avoid these repercussions:

  • Bus Booking

Booking a volvo bus becomes a task itself. When you book a specific seat from private travel agencies online and you don't get that seat. Instead they will give you seat in a random other volvo bus, how would you feel? Terrible I know. Private Volvo Agencies hire different buses in these holiday seasons and get bookings on bulk. They just attract customers by showing them better seats and let them book by their convenience but in real there are no specific seats. BEWARE of such Frauds.

  • Traffic Jams on Highways

You are happy and excited all week for this long weekend. You pack your bags, get in a car and leave. Just before leaving a city, you get a long traffic jams on highway and you get stuck there for next 4 to 5 hours. Like you, there are thousands of people who are leaving the city for holidays which results in long traffic jams. Be careful with such situations when you have family travelling with you.

  • Price Hike on Hotel Bookings

Due to the long weekends, popular destinations become hot in demand. Hotels hike their accommodation rates at least 300% from the regular price. First you will not find accommodation anywhere in a place. even you find a room somewhere, it will cost you a lot more than usual tariff. Hotel will not be able to give you proper services too when they have to attend multiple number of people in a single time.

  • Feels like Metro Cities

It is frustrating when you spend a lot of money coming out of city life and enjoy some quality time with your family or friends but you end up with thousands of other people with the same intention inthe same place.

These are some of the points which we needs to understand before we look for holiday. Everyone deserves a good holiday but be careful about your choices and try to avoid famous travel destinations in long weekends.

If you need any kind of assistance for your next adventure. Connect with us on and we will help with your itinerary and planning.



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