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Meet Murthaza Junaid - Pathfinder for the Bikers in India!!

Murthaza Junaid, aged 32, is one of the rising and influential bikers in India. Murthaza Junaid, already a big name in Bengaluru is becoming an inspiration to the thousands of new young people and helping in rising the Biking Culture in India.

Murthaza Junaid, an Automobile Engineer, runs a famous Art of Motorcycle Workshop in Bengaluru with his Brother. He owns 20 Royal Enfield bikes, starting from the 1969 edition to the RE Himalayan. He owns Triumph Tiger too, he named the bike "Maya". He has won 70 trophies in Royal Enfield Races all over the country and he holds the record for the fastest uphill Royal Enfield ride on Nandi Hills.

As told in the interview from Royal Enfield, The love bug of motorcycle bit him in his childhood when his father used to take him for weekly outing to the surrounding hills for a practice. Though the start of Junaid's career was not easy. He started as the mechanic at the age of 14, but now his workshop "Art of Motorcycle" in Bengaluru is a one place to go for all the bike worshipers. Big Names like "Mumbiker Nikhil" and "One World One Ride" fame "Debashish Ghosh" also ride with him and they best of friends. Even one of the biggest travel Bloggers in the World "Alex Chacon" also pays visit when he visits Bengaluru.

Now, Murthaza teaches young riders off-roading skills, runs his workshop, became a Youtuber in 2017 and organise trips to Ladakh also. In short, Murthaza Junaid is a one stop destination for all the adventure seekers.



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