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6 Different Routes to Visit Ladakh in 2020

Hello Everyone, Road trip to Ladakh is always been priority in a bucket list of every traveler in India. The most common route people follow to reach Ladakh is from Manali - Leh Via Rohtang Pass. But there are total six routes to reach Ladakh and we are going to reveal this today.

  • Delhi - Ludhiyana - Udhampur - Batote - Patnitop - Srinagar - Kargil - Leh

This is the most common route followed by travelers for obvious reasons "Beautiful and Easy" Roads. Travelers start their journey from Delhi to Ladakh via Patnitop, Srinagar, Kargil and return from Manali Via Keylong. On Day 1, Start your journey from Delhi to Patnitop which is approx 650 kms from Delhi. Day 2, the distance you must cover from Patnitop to kargil which is around 380 kms. On Day 3, 218 Kms distance to leh can be covered easily. The road will be smooth because this is NH1 and the pakistan border is very close through route.

  • Delhi - Chandigarh - Manali - Jispa - Keylong - Leh

The most common route taken by the people who look to hire the motorcycles or cars to visit Ladakh. Before taking this route one must understand you have to take the permissions of going through High passes like Rohtang Pass (Click Here for Info). On this route you will cover 10 Breathtaking Highest Passes in which some of are featured in top highest passes in the World.

On Day 1, you can start your journey from Delhi or Chandigarh to Manali. If you don't have your own vehicle and looking to hire from manali, there are regular buses from Delhi or Chandigarh to Manali. Manali is around 570 kms from Delhi and 300 kms from Chandigarh. On Day 2, you can cover around 230 kms distance to Sarchu. On Day 3, distance from Sarchu to leh is around 260 kms and can be covered easily because the road condition have improved.

  • Delhi - Pathankot - Chamba - Sach Pass - Killar - Keylong - Leh

This route is one of the best route for the people who seek wanderlust on their travel journey. This route is little tough than two routes mentioned above. You must be physically fit and your vehicle must be in great condition to go through this route. Because you travel through world's most treacherous road plus you will cross highest passes after Keylong. You need to check the status of Sach Pass also because this pass opens little late than other passes because of the snow level.

On Day 1, Start your journey from Delhi to Bairagarh which is around 700 kms. On Day 2, you will cover only 70 kms from Bairagarh to Killar via Sach Pass, hope you understand the level by the distance you have to cover in a day. On Day 3, Start your journey from Killar to Sarchu via Keylong which is around 200 kms. On Day 4, covering from Sarchu to Leh is a easy task, you can cover it easily.

  • Delhi - Pathankot - Chamba - Bhadarwah - Kishtwar - Killar - Keylong - Leh

This route also takes 4 days and 1400 kms to reach Leh from Delhi. If someone is not interested going from Sach Passes and looking to cover world's deadliest road between Killar and Kishtwar, this route is for those. Again as said earlier, you need to be physically fit for these routes because you will cover few highest passes in the world. This route is same until Chamba, then, you can divert you route little bit from Chamba to Kishtwar via Badarwah and Kishtwar.

On Day 1, Start your journey from Delhi to Chamba which is around 600 kms. On Day 2, start your journey early and cover around 335 kms from Chamba to Killar via Bhadarwah and Kishtwar. On Day 3, Killar to Sarchu as described earlier and reach Leh on Day 4 from Sarchu to Leh.

  • Delhi - Shimla - Narkand - ReckongPeo - Kaza - Chandratal - Kunzum Pass - Gramphu - Keylong - Leh

Start your journey through this route after checking the status of Kunzum Pass, because it opens in late June or July. You will have to come back to Shimla because there is no other alternate or diversion to the different route. This route can be little difficult because you will go through many waterfalls and less road conditions.

On Day 1, Start your journey from Delhi to Shimla which is around 350 Kms. On Day 2, start your journey early as you have to reach Kaza via Reckong Peo. On Day 3, start your journey from Kaza to Keylong via Kunzum Pass. You can stay at Chandratal for a night. On Day 4, cover the distance of 375 kms between Keylong to Leh.

  • Delhi - Ludhiyana - Udhampur - Batote - Kishtwar - Killar - Keylong - Leh

This route takes 4 days and cover 1382 kms from Delhi to Leh. This will be a mixture of 3 routes mentioned above. You start your journey from Delhi to Batote Via Ludhiyana, then cover Patnitop and reach Killar via Kishtwar, comes back to Manali Leh highway and reach Sarchu, then Sarchu to Leh is a task to reach your destination.

One day 1, Start your journey from Delhi to Batote which is around 670 Kms, this will be easy task to cover this distance because of the great road conditions. On Day 2, Start your journey from Batote to Killar via Kishtwar, which is around 230 kms. On Day 3, Start your journey from Killar to Sarchu via Keylong which is around 200 kms. On Day 4, covering from Sarchu to Leh is again a task which you can cover it easily.

These are the minimum days you require to cover these places. You can take you own time to cover your distance and rest is very important during these trips. But Before planning a road trip to Ladakh, you should be physically and mentally fit because of the acclimatization.

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