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Get rid of the toxic positivity post Covid 19. Our Plans are shattered, how can we use the strength

This year has been a transformational year for the entire world. Lot of our goals and aspirations came crashing down.The perfect plans suddenly became redundant and we were left at the mercy of a deadly virus playing havoc in the world.

Like any of you, I too had plans of making this year something remarkable but all the script in my head failed . The year started like any other year for me and I was excited about the opportunities that it would present to me during the course of the year.

As I am a Freelance Trainer and a travel blogger I was eagerly waiting for this year's travel.

Madcap Odyssey is my baby and I am excited about nourishing it by adding more and more content for our readers for travel and lifestyle inspiration.

March this year onwards the entire world came to a standstill and we were all confined to our houses , the initial few days were by only trying to understand what happened to all of us and why do we need to sacrifice on our individual social lives.

Well the trainer inside me instantly jumped in and I was trying to look at the brighter side of the setback and inspire others with whatever silver lining I could myself see. I spoke about developing a process of self development and taking this time to get back to all our hobbies and things that we had put on the back burner due to our hectic lives and also work on relationships at home as prior to this ,most of us had limited time to spend with our near and dear ones at home . Days went by, different people reacted to the change in circumstances differently based on where they were placed at that point of time.

I do not believe in giving up easily and looked at the pros of the situation primarily. But the things were really changing with time even for me. I am a Behavioral Skills facilitator by profession but this was definitely a life changing experience for me too. Days went on to becoming months of confinement , we are at the 7th month now, still uncertain about how the things are changing and are going to be for us in future.

Everything is slowly opening up, business as usual is slowly gathering some momentum apart from the other things but the last few months have caused a lot of changes in our lives and some of us have experience irreversible loss of their near and dear ones during this time along with the other challenges in their lives.

My personal learning has been massive witnessing a historic pandemic first hand which will be remembered by the generations to come.

What did I learn ?

Accept , Acknowledge , Re-Allign , finding our own coping mechanism and to make progress at our own pace.

Do not to fall prey to the toxic and misleading positivity some of us are spreading by showing that everything is fine and they are absolutely on track and making remarkable developments in their lives, this practice only puts unnecessary pressure on the rest of us facing our individual challenges .

We need to accept that we are at a time which is unique in itself and has not been experienced by one one alive today, to guide us through and this is tough time.

Acknowledge the feelings we are experiencing and let it come out of your head. Bottling it up will not help us in anyway. Once we are done releasing our emotions we can look at re-aligning ourselves to the need of the hour and rework our life around it. Moving forward at our own comfortable pace is the key, if we compete with others we will stumble and that will cause more agony and people are hardly honest about their progress ,so why set them as a bench mark ?

Like I said we are all is this situation for the first time and we all are trying our own ways to come back and strike that balance so there is no one specific way to do that.

Meditation and emoting my feeling works for me, probably exercising or any other activity of your choice reclaims that calmness inside you , so find your own north.

We are together trying to bounce back individually , as a society , as a country and collectively the world we are trying to bounce back and move ahead with our strong survival instincts a differentiating characteristics of our species . It is going to be a collaborative effort of science and faith in our innate potential strength that will be our oars to sail through COVID 19.



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