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Let's decode the Secret of Meditation. A necessity for all in modern life.

My personal Journey with Meditation

My scope of work so far, in today's competitive world subconsciously taught me to be a control freak of everything around me especially of the things which I was responsible for. I mastered the art in no time and I started to struggle when things didn't work out the way I had planned or wanted it's fruition.

I soon realised that my peace of mind is now compromised. As I was seeking more control over things outside me I was moving away from being able to control my own thoughts. Happiness seemed far fetched sometimes.

What can I do to regain my balance and be happy ? and stop the constant race of thoughts and emotions in my head.

Ah! It must be Meditation. But I can't cut myself off from the regular life and become a monk ,there should some way around. I remembered reading somewhere - "One thing that is common between successful men is, that they all Meditate.

So , What is this Meditation ? Like most of us, my knowledge was also limited in this subject which was majorly gathered superficially by watching videos and reading literature readily available online.

Around last year I had decided to learn and understand Meditation formally and gather some first hand experience around the practice. After an extensive research, reading books and attending a Tibetan Meditation Retreat by Tergar Meditation Community in Dharamshala (India) and I must add the mention of my good fortune here as Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche the Founder of Tergar Community was himself visiting the venue so he had conducted the introductory session for us.

So today I would like to take an attempt here to introduce the concept as there is lot of misinformation around it which makes it seem complex and an unattainable practice for the common. I would also like to encourage you to begin your own journey, under any one of the many existing styles of Meditation practices pursued .

Though here I would emphasize mainly on the Tibetan Meditation concepts.

Some Myths about Meditation :

* You need a proper environment and peaceful place for meditation.

* You need to stop your thoughts and concentrate

* Meditation is important for people with mental issues or who have problems in their life.

* You do not have the time for Meditation and it is difficult to merge with our daily life.


* You can meditate anytime and anywhere, it can even be for 3 secs ... 2 secs

* You can meditate while you are walking or having Tea or coffee and even while in a meeting.

* You need thoughts and emotions to meditate and you do not need block thoughts and emotions in fact they work as support for practicing meditation.

*Everyone needs meditation as our minds are constantly racing from one thought and emotion to another all the time making it difficult to remain calm and peaceful.

* Meditation not only helps us to make our mind workable to manifest our aspirations but also help us to recognise our innate goodness.

* This is a complete scientific way to gain control over our mind's chatter.

Why Meditation ?

Meditation helps us in recognising our Monkey Mind (term coined by Mingyur Rinpoche) which is always chatting and giving us opinion, whether we listen to it or not should be for us to decide but usually it is the Monkey Mind that is controlling us.When we are under the control of the Monkey mind our happiness seems somewhat like a Stock Exchange as it is mostly dependent on what is happening around us which in turn creates a inner dialogue of unrest.

What is meditation ?

Meditation can be termed as Being Aware is simple words. We don't have to push ourselves or try too hard nor concentrate on anything, we just need to be aware of the thoughts as they come and go, watch them like an observer and not flow with them, everytime when you recognize yourself drifting along come back and watch again.

Through the process of Meditation we will learn how to make friends with our Monkey Mind and gain control over it and remain calm. To make friends with our monkey mind we need to give it some job else it will keep blabbering.

The Simplest Meditation technique is to watch our breadth as the thoughts come and go in the background while we rest our focus on breathing. Even if we can do it for a few breaths we are fine to start with.

As Mingyur Rinpoche says the approach that works in the long run is "SHORT TIMES MANY TIMES"

Things to keep in our mind while we practice

Imagine a river flowing and you are sitting or walking by the bank and watching it flow but the moment you jump in the river you get caught in the current of the river and will be carried ahead in no time.

Here, the idea is to keep reminding ourselves and catch ourselves every time we start flowing along with your thoughts.

Initially when you start practicing you might experience way too many thoughts rushing like a waterfall over a steep cliff. This is sign of success. You have now begun to recognize how many thoughts ordinarily pass through your mind even without you noticing them. Just remember not to push against or try to stop or judge or identify yourself with any of those thoughts.

Eventually when we get look closer at our mind we experience clarity and peace.

In Buddhist practice - The key is to rest our mind in bare awareness of thoughts,feelings and perceptions as they occur. As per Buddhist tradition,this gentle awareness is called mindfulness, where the awareness simply rests in mind's natural clarity.

Reboot your life by practicing Meditation, it will change the way you look at things for you to create a life of your choice.

For the ones who wish to seek more clarity on practice you can read the book ,The Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche or visit their website for courses or alternately find their Youtube Channel - Tergar Meditation Community / Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche



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