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Unexplored Kangra-Location of Oldest Fort in India,Paragliding Capital,Northern Tea Basket,Dams.

Travellers mostly visit Himachal Pradesh to explore it's natural terrain consisting of rugged mountains, steep waterfall, lush green valleys and scenic towns. Himachal also offers a plethora of different trek routes for the adventurous souls. But let's dedicate the bog today to the Majestic Kangra .

Tea and India has a very old history together, the first commercial tea plantations were under the British rule back in 1823 in Assam in north eastern India. Tea migrated to the Northern India when Dr. Jameson first planted a tea bush in Palampur in 1849 from Almora and the bush thrived and so did the hill station since then. Soon after, in the mid 19th century tea plantation was initiated commercially in Palampur Kangra.

35 kms from Dharamshala this hill station is a home to quite a few spectacular Tea Estates which are internationally acclaimed for it tea production.These tea gardens also offer beautifully constructed cottages for travellers to experience living amidst the clouds and lush green tea plantation spread till our eyes can see.

The drive from Dharamshala to this quaint town is a relaxing ride through nature and human settlement. Once you reach Palampur you may choose to spend a day or two stationed here, start by doing some local sightseeing and a hike to the Birni Devi Temple situated atop a mountain overlooking the valley, the temple can be reached from Saurabh Van Vihar which is also a local picnic spot.

Next on the list must be to visit the Kangra Fort located at an hours distance from Palampur. This fort was built by the Royal Rajputs of Kangra - Katoch Dynasty which traces its origin to the ancient Trigarta Kingdom which also has a mention in Mahabharata. This is the largest Himalayan Fort and the oldest fort in India and has an extremely rich history to tell.

Apart from that Palampur Fort it also offers various interesting trekking routes like that to the Kareri Lake and others.The treks include the paths which are taken by local shepherds (gaddis) ,We suggest if you have the time and inclination these routes must be explored.

Bir Billing The Paragliding capital of India located west of Joginder Nagar valley ,they are known for being the site of eco-tourism, spiritual studies and meditation.While Bir is the home to tibetan refugee settlements and has monasteries and a Stupa. Billing on the other hand is known as the site of paragliding. Together referred as Bir Billing.

Triund is next of the chart as it is a very popular trekking destination which attracts people nationally and internationally as it presents a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar mountains, this trek is at the beginners level and can be taken up by any age group making it a extremely popular route.

Pong Dam also know as the Maharana Pratap Sagar stretches over 60610 acres. The reservoir/lake is a famous wildlife sanctuary and one ot the 25th wetland sites declared. This is the most important fish reservoir in the foothills of Himalayas .




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