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Now that the MANALI LEH HIGHWAY is open for this year, there is a good news coming from Kullu Administration that Rohtang Pass Permit will be available online for the tourists as well from the Official Website of Kullu Administration or newly launched Rohtang Pass Permit Mobile App by the Kullu Administration. Many people are not aware about the news that Rohtang Pass Permit can be available online which makes it easier for the people avoiding long queues in Kullu Administration Office. If you are new to this route you can read here about the Rohtang Pass Permit Online.

There was always a problem faced by the tourist who wanted to visit Spiti or Ladakh Via Rohtang Pass. But in few years back, NGT allowed all the tourist vehicles to cross Rohtang Pass but there was lot of rules and regulation posting on tourists as well. There were only limited vehicles allowed to cross Rohtang Pass in a single day. Hence, they allowed two kinds of permit for tourists, one for the tourist to travel Rohtang and come back, second to cross Rohtang Pass and travel to Lahaul and Spiti Region or Ladakh.

Rohtang Pass Permit Mobile Application

  • Rohtang Pass permit app is available for both Android and iOS devices/mobiles.

  • You can check the validity of your Rohtang Pass permit or Beyond Rohtang Pass permit on Rohtang Pass mobile app by scanning the barcode on the permit or entering the permit number.

  • You can check the status of the Rohtang Pass permit by entering the vehicle number and date of journey. The permit is displayed on the mobile app and you can download the permit as a pdf to take the printout.

  • People applying for just Rohtang Pass Permit to travel just to Rohtang Pass and not beyond it, they have an option to check the availability of the Rohtang Pass Permit in the mobile app. As there is a cap on the number of Diesel and Petrol vehicles to travel to Rohtang Pass in a day, you can check if there is any permit available for the desired date of travel or not use the Rohtang Pass mobile app.

  • The Rohtang Pass permit can only be applied between 12 Noon to 12 Midnight and it cannot be applied in any other time window.

  • Once the Rohtang Pass permit is issued, it cannot be canceled. Hence, please be careful in the applying the Rohtang Pass permit with correct dates and other details, so that you do not waste the permit for anyone else. There is an extreme scarcity of Rohtang Pass permit, so please be responsible towards other tourists as well.

  • Please note that only two permits per mobile device or IP address is allowed. So, if you are using the shared Internet like office or college or cyber cafe Internet, the possibility will be someone else would have applied for the permit and you will either see an error or quota full as the message. Hence, apply from a mobile or PC with an Internet connection that you think others won’t have used to apply for Rohtang Pass permit.

  • You can send in your queries at for further doubts on Rohtang Pass permit and issue with the mobile app or Kullu Administration website.

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