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Brokpas, the pure Aryans in Ladakh living in the world's highest peaks.

The natives of these highlands are Dards are believed survivors of pure Aryan race. They are called Minaro or Brokpas by other Ladakhis. They claim to have migrated from Europe through Gilgit in these Highlands. Quite different with their physical features and culture from the other tribes living in Ladakh they are also an inclusive community and follow their unique traditions and preserve their pure blood line.

Believed to have migrated to Ladakh for 5000 years since the time when there was a sea between Ladakh and Tibet and claim to be the first settlers in the valley and now live in only 4 villages (Dah Beama, Hanu, Garkon and Darchik) located between Kargil and Leh districts. The tribe remains isolated and closeted from the other settlers in the valley.

Along with there unique and colourful dressing style they are very fond of any kind of metal they even wear it as jewellery on themselves as they think these metals will ward off evil spirits and also beneficial for their physical well-being.They also adorn themselves with flowers and peacock feather for different beliefs of the tribe.

They believe in the Sun, Moon and the planets and follow a solar calendar and their religion was called Bon but now they mostly practicing Buddhists but still hold onto their old cultural rituals.There main philosophy in life is practicing purity and staying away from pollution.They have a very striking belief and they don't consume anything coming from a cow and are majorly vegan apart from eating Ibex during any religious festivals.They grow a lot of green vegetable, flowers, herbs and and food grains even in those difficult terrains.

They also have an inclusive advisory board for any kind of matter of the village that needs to be settled.They also follow endogamy as they are a very inclusive community and very particular to maintain their ethnicity and race.

Reference from the work published by Dr. Veena Bhasin an Indian anthropologist who has done substantial work on this tribe and many others in the region. She visited this region in the year of 1990 and her work is considered to be the basis of any serious study about them till today.



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