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Books and Travel

To be honest I have never been a reader kind of a person from my early childhood probably because I was not introduced well to the world of books.

After I grew up and started to travel on my own to the places of my choice and not just on those holidays where I was generally tagging along with others . I realised that Travel is not about visiting places randomly there is more to it.

They are sites of making personal memories and stories , as they say travel is not about the destination but more about the journey.

My travel experiences till date have been mixed depending on who I was with and what I was looking at when I was on that trip , in-short my mindset at that point of time .

Now I can say Travel shapes our characters like Books do, we get to rendezvous with ourself .

Today I am not just doing things coz others around me are doing it , not because social media shows that to be a cool thing to do ....

I travel because I want to learn about the world I live in and about the world inside me. I stopped trying to fit in , I stopped trying fake it , I began to be comfortable in my own skin and with my thoughts .

Good books give us a perspective we haven't explored before , throws light on things that we were not aware about , reading a good book is like setting yourself on a journey that unfolds itself as you move ahead .

Reading taught me to go with the flow and not start something with a preconceived notion , and only then it will amaze you with the precious lessons it has in store to share.

When you travel , you see the beauty of the place and also get to be a part of the extraordinary culture and background of any place and it leaves you enriched , offcourse depending on how you perceived your experience.

Same with the books they change your life if you are open to experience the thoughts of the writer and the experience he is trying to share.

Travelling and Reading are both Great teachers ! Wouldn't you agree ?

A Good Book coupled with an enchanting view and warm cup of your fav coffee /tea and you are all set.



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