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Travel Checklist post Covid 19

We have been aching to go outside of our houses and break the monotony of being tied to one place. Finally after such a long wait , the State governments have resumed interstate non essential movements with travel regulations to be adhered to.

Before you make your plans to venture out we would like to suggest the following tips :

Download Arogya Setu App and any other additional app as specified by State Govt for the place you intend to visit. eg: Smartcity webportal (Uttrakhand )

Check the State Govt travel regulations for the place your are visiting to tick off all the necessary mandates before you start.

Also check for any applicable travel promotional schemes announced by the particular State Govt.

Carry sufficient food for the journey incase your are travelling with family and kids just to be of the safer side and avoid eating at any unhygienic eateries.

Carry necessary medicines and first aid kit for emergencies. We suggest carrying a thermometre and oxymetre along.

Carry reusable /washable masks and hand sanitizers in refill bottles.

Pack pertaining to the weather of the place and remember you might have restricted visits to the public places, avoid overloading your travel bag with clothes that might not be in use.

Instead you can carry ready to eat meals for emergencies.

Carry your own water bottles and personal hygiene items.

Pre-book your accommodation based on the requirement you have in terms of space and technological connectivity and power back-up.

Carry your own specific grocery item refill which might be unavailable in rural areas incase of a long stay.

During the halts in your journey make minimal physical contacts with any items.

Always maintain social distancing and wear your mask all the time.

Eat local fresh food and support the local population.

If you are on a long stay and have your own kitchen, make the most out of it.

Be it a workaction or a vacation remember your safety is in your hands.

You are going to these places to look for happiness and revive your smiles after a long dark night. To remember to be responsible towards the place you are visiting. You can identify your own way of giving back to the place, take a call once you are there, how can you be of some help? As there is a old saying Where there's will there's way.

Bon Voyage !


As we have already written in about drastic increase in plastic pollution post Covid 19 in our last blog, we request you to be mindful and also educate your friends and family as it is our collective responsibility towards our own mother earth and prevent her from choking .



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