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Deepest secrets of the Himalayan Wonderland "Ladakh"

​Ladakh is one of the most beautiful place in India but there are certains deepest secrets of this Wonderland some of which you will not believe.

  • In 1971, War was stopped between India and Pakistan to Celebrate "Losar" Festival

During the war between India and Pakistan in 1971, Colonel Chewang Rinchen captured Turtuk and decided to pause the war to celebrate their local Festival "Losar". This Festival is very close to Ladakhi people and the sentiments of people are attached to it. Colonel Rinchen was awarded Mahavir Chakra at the age of 17 for his brave act. In 2006, Corps lecture Hall was named after him as Rinchen Auditorium which is situated near Leh Airport.

  • Home of Viagra Rocks

Only few people are aware about that Ladakh is not only famous for its untouched beauty, it is also famous for rocks which produces Viagra. These rocks are the magic drug which is best suitable for the human body. It increases bone strengths, burn fat and helps to increase a better vitality for treating infertile.

  • Druk White Lotus School

Druk White Lotus Temple is a home for cultural education of Tibetan Buddhism. Around 200 Disciples travel by bus to this school everyday for receiving best education. School also teaches the passive solar heating, gravity feed water system and seismic design and safety and received a lot of appreciation from people for their act.
  • Shrine of OP baba

Shrine of OP Baba is sacred place and worship for the well being of all the soldiers. This shrine was named after Om Prakash Baba, who once battled single handedly the attack on Malaun. All the soldiers worship this shrine and pledges to leave alcohol or any other habits on this shrine.
  • Kung Fu nuns of Ladakh

The Drukpa nunnery in Ladakh is home to a self-empowered branch of feminist Buddhism that encourages nuns to train in Kung Fu. Nuns practice their Kung Fu here and start their day with some learnings.

  • Indian Army training people to build Homestays

Indian Army is helping local Ladakhi people in building their comfortable home stays which will help them to earn some revenues. This act is started for promoting rural entrepreneurship among local people. Indian Army is also helping them to source thier fruits and vegetables to the market.
  • The myth of Tso Kar

There is a myth among all local people about Tso Kar lake that there was a devil who drank up all the water from Tsokar. When the devil drank more than he could, he spluttered the water all over and formed Regul Tso and Starspapukh.

  • Road across Khardungla

Khardung La is famous for the Highest Motorable Road in the World and favourite among adventure enthusiasts all over the world. But only few knew that 18 people died while making the road to the top of the world. This truth haunted you? Me too.
  • The tradition of the order

There is a traditional order among all the Buddhist families in Ladakh that the youngest child of the family will join the Buddhist Monastery and becomes Monk. But now, there is no such pressure on anyone for practicing Buddhism. There are so many people already who are volunteering Monasteries by their own.
  • Blow a conch to call 120 lamas for lunch at Karsha Monastery

Karsha Monastery is one of the oldest Monastery in Ladakh and they don't have proper equipments to call their Monks for their Lunch or Dinner. So they blow a conch to call their all lamas for Lunch/Dinner on time.
  • Where the snake king slept

There is a belief among all Buddhist that the Snake King Jokpa slept at Likir Gompa. So the name of the Gompa was named after him. Likir is derived from the word "Lukhgil" which means Coiled Snake.



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